Posted on 28 April 2018 (0)

The way in which municipal water is treated has improved and advanced by leaps and bounds over the past decades but there’s still more to be done to provide safe, clean water. You can’t trust municipal water as at now because the systems are just not perfect yet. Those using well water can’t still depend on it by applying their own treatments because water contamination is inevitable.

Reports by different medical institutions and the World Health Organization show that waterborne bacterial infections are part of the leading causes of death especially among children aged 5 and under. Probably you’re yet to witness or experience a bacterial infection from your water but that doesn’t mean your water is safe. It’s just a matter of time. Every year the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports many outbreaks resulting from drinking unsafe, contaminated water. Some of the warning signs or indications that your water is contaminated include:

Unusual color and odor from your water

Although the quality of your drinking water might remain the same, check if there are any suspended solids, cloudiness, unusual taste, strange color and unusual odors. Don’t expect that bacteria will reveal its presence in your drinking water. The mentioned signs will indicate the presence of contaminants in your water. It’s rare for bacteria to cause a change in the taste or color or smell of your water.

The best way to detect the presence of bacteria in your water is through regular tests. You don’t have to wait until an infection takes hold of your body before realizing that your water is contaminated. Installing a reverse osmosis system is the best way of safeguarding your family and visitors against waterborne bacteria and pathogens. It will also get rid of the unusual odor and unwanted taste in your drinking water. Contact us at BioTech Water Researchers to learn more.